How lucky can you get?


There’s something to be said for living at altitude. While much of the country wallows in fog, we are bathed in glorious sunshine.



  1. Spiders webs really are a thing of beauty eh? We’ve had one (species unknown) living outside our front door here in Auckland for months now. Every night she comes down, and every morning she has gone back to her daytime position up near the roof of the porch. We’ve called her Maureen, although to be honest we should’ve named her after the mother in law…😂


  2. Oh dear, like that is it? I’ve grown to like spiders since living here. There are so many of all shapes and sizes that it’s either love them or leave. And when you have a child who loves all living things and likes to hand them to you, you just have to toughen up. Spider’s webs are truly a work of art, even the big man trap sized ones in the bush and I always feel bad for the spider and all it’s lost work if I accidently walk through one.


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