About me

My lifestyle is a little different from most and I guess I am sufficiently narcissistic to assume that someone out there in the blogosphere might be as interested in it as I am. But you know what they say – pride cometh before a fall!
I live in a mostly finished log house in a clearing in the bush, off the grid but not entirely isolated from civilisation. Mortgages still need to be paid so jobs out in the world are sometimes essential. Right now I am being serenaded by kokako (yea, cool ay) and the view out my window is of a bush covered ridge hung with curtains of mist. Did I mention that I like to think I could be a writer?  More pride. Man that is going to be some landing!
Some things I like are: gardening,  reading, walking, travel in NZ and NZ flora and fauna. I am also learning to play the violin, much to the distress of my poor family. I have worked for years in education with kids and adults and have an opinion about everything. And the world is just so darn fascinating isn’t it?

So, if I haven’t completely turned you off, come on in, let me know what you think. I look forward to getting to know you.