Liebster Blogger Award

Liz at Exploring Colour has done me the honour of nominating me for a Liebster Award.  I’m chuffed, thank you Liz. I go through periods when I think I’ll let my Blog lapse because I’ve run out of interesting things to share and then someone does something like this and I’m back in the ring again.

Liz asked me these questions, I hope you enjoy the answers.

1. What connection (if any) do you feel that you have with New Zealand? 🙂

I’ve never lived anywhere else and in the current Pandemic climate, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. At times like this it’s quite comforting to be on an island at the bottom of the world. I love being a kiwi, we’re not perfect but I love that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And for sheer beauty, these little islands can’t be beaten.

Pohutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas tree.

2. What place in this world do you most love?

I love home. After 25 years raising a family, farming and building a house, every inch of this place holds a precious memory. I feel as though I’m connected to the place by an invisible umbilical cord and right now can’t see myself living anywhere else. 

Winter sunrise on the farm. Photo by Sean Dredge.

3. Your favourite colour(s) are what? –and what do you associate with the colour?

My favourite colour has always been green. Perhaps it’s all part of my love of nature. 


4. What connection do you feel/experience with Nature?

I’m part of a group who have spent 22 years removing introduced pests from our bit of bush and I see and hear the results of that work every day. The bird song never stops, rata flowers on the ridges and I spend more time noticing the small critters and tiny plants. There is nothing like sitting at the base of a tree with a kokako in full song above you and knowing that if it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t be here. 

IMG_4846 (2)

5. Your favourite ‘active’ recreational activity …?

I’m a recovering obsessive gardener. I think it’s in my genes, my grand parents and most of my aunties and uncles have been gardeners. I loved growing things from cuttings and my garden is full of plants I’ve grown from the kindness of others. My decorative garden doesn’t get as much attention as the vegetable garden these days but I still enjoy moving plants around and an autumn prune and cleanup is a great workout.


6. Your favourite ‘quiet’ hobby/interest?

I started a writer’s group at my library where 12 to 16 of us meet every week to support and encourage each other to write. My head is full of stories but I’m not at all disciplined and spend far too much time on my Blog to get much serious writing done.


7. Is there something you enjoy ‘having a go at’ regardless of skill?

In my late 50s I decided to learn to play the violin so off I went to the children’s music school where I took lessons with 5 kids and 1 other adult. I’m pretty awful at it, don’t practice anywhere near enough but I still like having a go occasionally, at home, alone.

8. What was (or is) your favourite children’s book?

We were lucky to have a house full of books when we were kids. Mum and Dad both loved reading and knew the value of it for their kids. I think my favourite was an illustrated children’s book of verse. I still love the rhythm of poetry.

What a morning for a walk.

9. Your current or past ‘occupation’ ie. work / study / keeping busy is …what?

I’ve had a few jobs, from working in a fish and chip shop to doing every job in a bank and now work in a small town library organising activities and educational programmes for adults. A library is the best place in the world to work although being a teacher aide in a class of 5 year olds is pretty awesome too.


10. What’s your favourite creative activity.. what do you have a passion for?

Through blogging I have learnt to love photography and don’t go anywhere without my camera these days. I constantly strive to take better photographs of everything around me.

Banana slug in Canada, bigger than my camera.

11. Is there something you can share about a challenge you face, or have faced?

My parents brought us up to make the best of what life gave us. Their philosophy was, that’s life, just get on with it. I don’t know if I’ve been challenged any more than any other person but moving to the farm was certainly something different. I was a townie kid, lived 100 meters from school and a 15 minute walk to the shops and all my cousins. We never went camping, my mum hated tents and somehow in my 30s I found myself living in a shack on an isolated farm with no power. It had it’s challenging moments, that’s for sure but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks again for the nomination, Liz and for your questions which have had me searching deep for answers. 




  1. I’m really happy you’ve responded Wendy! BIG thank you for the time you’ve invested here, and what an interesting life you lead in a remote spot – the like of which few get to experience! Your love of nature shines through in these photos, and man did I laugh when I saw the banana slug from Canada … what a whopper! My next post (this evening or tmw) was going to be a short NZ recommendation so I’ll include a shout-out to your post at the same time. Thank You!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Wendy, I loved reading this! Such beautiful photography, too. All the native wildlife are so thankful for all the hard work and care you’ve put in (and are still putting in!). What an amazing feat. What a treasure!


    Liked by 1 person

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