Meet the residents: Ruru, morepork.

New Zealand’s beautiful little owl is commonly heard in our forests and this particular bird is often seen roosting during the day in a small tree in our driveway. Maori named it ruru for the sound of it’s call but the early settlers heard it’s cry as morepork.

From DOC – ‘Morepork are nocturnal, hunting at night for large invertebrates including beetles, weta, moths and spiders. They will also take small birds, rats and mice.

They fly silently as they have soft fringes on the edge of the wing feathers. They catch prey using large sharp talons or beak.

We often see ruru catching moths attracted by our lights at night. We’ve also had a young bird swoop on our shuttlecock during a game of badminton on the lawn. One of the pleasures of living with nature.



  1. Oh my goodness you are living a dream life, so I feel.
    Do you do sustainable living as well?
    Do you have visits, stay overs or bush walks?
    I’d be really interested in visiting for stay over, bush walk or just enjoy nature. It has been years.
    I use to live in Carterton, Wairarapa and then guy had access to a batch bis his old childhood neighbours who still lived there. Was once in a blue moon, living off the grid in the bush at times to escape the chaos of the world. To enjoy the peace of the bush as well as the nature of bugs, rabbits etc. Then the kids even took home a wild rabbit. I live the sound of te ruru.

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    • Thank you Raewyn. We don’t do stay overs at the moment but maybe next year. I’ll keep you posted. It is a great life but even here, little by little the world has sneaked in. 🙂


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