Everyday objects – LAPC #111

Patti Moed host of last week’s Lens Artist’s Photography Challenge says, ‘we’re challenging you to take another look at everyday objects and see them from a new perspective.’

I couldn’t resist this!

Who would have thought hand sanitiser and masks would be de rigueur in 2020?

My ‘fold not sew’ reusable mask, hand sanitiser and tissues have become everyday items.

Thanks as always to the wonderful Lens Artists hosts, Patti, Tina, Amy & Ann Christine for keeping us motivated in such testing times.



  1. I was thinking yesterday how children are processing looking up at adults and seeing only their eyes and their mouths move? Will their ability to learn the language be harder? Ummm, weird enough for us adults let alone small children!

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      • That really is down to the parents or caregivers as many children are now experiencing more anxiety than ever before. Overall, we were more adaptable as children. I can never understand people who don’t like change! Nowadays, it is all about changing on a regular basis.

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      • I don’t know if it’s change or uncertainty that we don’t like. We like to think we’re in control of our lives. Finding out we’re not is a bit of a shock for some.
        I agree with what you said about children. As kids I think we were shielded from a lot of real life. Nowadays kids see everything, no wonder they’re so anxious when they don’t have the life experience to put it in perspective.

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      • You’re right we did have sheltered lives as kids from the wider world’s politics and life in general. As a kid, I thought heading out to Edgecumbe was a treat into another world LOL

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