Lens – Artists Challenge # 101 – a single flower.

This weeks Lens – Artist’s Challenge is made just for me I think, thank you Cee. I love to photograph flowers from my garden and anyone else’s garden really and in our native bush.

The very first flower photo I took with my new camera in 2018 was a fluke. I’d just taken it out of the box and snapped this Australian warratah in the Wellington Botanic Gardens. I didn’t have any idea how I did it but I fell instantly in love with the camera.


We have some unusual native flowers in New Zealand that suit our nectar loving birds. Rewarewa, the NZ honeysuckle is my favourite. A tall straight tree, it’s one of the first to flower in spring and the birds love it after a sparse winter.


A lot of our native flowers are small or look insignificant but get up close and they’ll dazzle you with their beauty. The NZ hibiscus, puarangi is a herbaceous perennial unlike the more common tropical shrubs and the flowers open a creamy white to display a stunning purple eye.


It’s winter here and there are not many flowers in the garden, only a few camellias and red hot pokers. In our native forest though, koromiko, a hebe almost always has flowers. What looks like a single flower is in fact a brush made up of lots of little flowers.



Pohutukawa is the NZ Christmas tree. A spreading gnarly tree that clings to coastal cliffs, it smothers itself with red pompoms in December.


What flower post would be complete without a rose.


Thank you so much Cee for letting me indulge my flower obsession.






  1. I can see why you’d be obsessed Wendy! These are amazing and so different from our native flowers here in the south. I think my first-ever favorite flower image was captured in NZ and I’ve been a sucker for them ever since!

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  2. I would have fallen in love too with my new camera, if I had taken a photo as beautiful as you did. What an outstanding gallery of flowers you have on display this week. I really thank you for making me smile a little more today 😀

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      • Wendy, I don’t think you need to “up” if you don’t want too. Some of what I class as my better shots are captured via my phone camera. The angle, light and uniqueness is what I think makes a “great” capture.

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