What makes us different?

When we look at each other and see only difference, we lose sight of the fact that we are all one race, the human race.Community | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSDIn a precious memory of my dad, I see him bend to close his bicycle clips around his lower legs. He straightens up and with a wink and a smile pushes his bike off, swings his right leg over the saddle and rides out of sight down the road, a slightly built, balding man with a friendly chuckle and dark skin.Silhouette man ride bicycle: Royalty-free vector graphicsI’m the product of a mixed race marriage; mum, a third generation New Zealander came from UK stock and Dad’s heritage was English and African. His mum’s grandfather came here as a Fencible, a retired English military man brought to Aotearoa to protect the settlers from Maori. His dad was black, descended from slaves.holy family catholic church Our family is a melting pot, the flavours stirred and kids tipped out in varying shades of skin colour. My brother has Dad’s colouring, I have Mum’s and my two sisters are somewhere in between. But we still look like family. We all have the same features, the same curls, the same build, the same genetic make-up.ᐈ Kid holding hand stock animated, Royalty Free children holding ...So what makes us different? I don’t think of my brother as anything other than my brother. I know him beyond his skin, I’m colour blind. He’s not black and to him, I’m not white. I’m just his sister. His path through life should have been no less smooth than mine. Why would it be, he came from the same place, he had the same advantages, didn’t he?
Or did he?
What makes us different?
It’s the way others look at us.






  1. I absolutely loved your post Wendy. What a unique perspective you shared. We see more, and better accepted mixed marriages here in the U.S. today but I believe there are those who find it unacceptable. Shame on them for their narrow-mindedness and bravo to those who not only look beyond color but more importantly don’t see it at all.

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  2. Little Blondie with curls 🙂 I just happen to be the only redhead in our family. Though I had cousins who were bright redheads with a brown haired child, one day I thought we should swap, then one family would have all redheads 🙂
    Your Dad sounded like a lovely man from the stories Les has shared with me. Did you know that at the Elms there is a Fencible Cottage, originally owned by a military person and his family.

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    • Isn’t life simple when we’re kids, we have all the answers and it seems so easy.
      Dad was a lovely man, I wish he was still here.
      I didn’t know about the fencible cottage at the Elms. One day I must get there.
      Happy level 1 to you both. Hope you’re well xx


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