At home – Lens Artist’s challenge #94

Amy at The World is a Book says ‘Due to the lockdown, we are spending more time at home. But, hopefully this isn’t limiting our interest in photographing.’ So this week, she invites us to share photos taken at home.

Twenty five years ago we took a leap of faith, sold everything we owned and bought a farm with no house, no power and no money left to buy them. We made the best of what we had, an adventurous spirit, (relatively) youthful energy and the kindness of friends and family.

Scan_20160122 (49)
Home for about 12 years, long drop loo on the left, the tin shed bathroom and laundry and kitchen far right. The fence kept the dogs and Sid our Muscovy duck out.

It took over 10 years from start to moving in and we’re still not quite finished but home is now a comfortable hand crafted log house we built ourselves. There is no better sanctuary from the Pandemic storm.


Being self builders is the most satisfying and at the same time challenging thing we have ever done. But after all the blood, sweat and tears poured into it, no other place could ever feel quite so much like home.

Thank you Amy, I hope you’re safe and well in your sanctuary.





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