Change your perspective – Lens-Artists Challenge #86

Patti challenges us to change our perspective this week and create less predictable images. By looking at familiar subjects from a different angle, or under a different light, it can be like seeing them for the first time and is a good antidote when we’re stuck in a photographic rut.

‘Move your feet to change your photography perspective’
Rajib Mukherjee (Picture Correct)


‘Just by changing the point of view, you can completely transform an image.’
Ana Mireles (Digital Photography School)


‘… you are showing the viewer the subject from a point of view that is out of the ordinary.’
Ana Mireles (Digital Photography School)


‘Perspective doesn’t change the same way when you zoom your lens versus when you move your feet (zoom with your feet).’
Rajib Mukherjee (Picture Correct)


Thank you Patti, for another fun challenge and for reminding us what we can achieve when we get out of our comfort zone and get our knees dirty.



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