Lens-artists challenge #81 – I see red.

This week, our challenge is to find something red to photograph. Patti, our challenger is in the depth of winter and red stands out like a beacon on cold, bleak days. I remember one June, winter for us, I was having breakfast in an inner city Wellington hotel and watching the office workers trudge past from the train in their warm black winter coats. One woman stood out as she bounced past the window wearing a fire engine red coat, the colour lifted her spirits and her heels.

First up, the Wellington Harbour pilot adds a bit of colour to the lineup of mostly white pleasure boats.


Three little munchkins, the neighbour’s kids lined up in their gumboots. The oldest always gets the new boots after passing the old ones down the line. Red bands are an iconic kiwi brand of farmer’s boots. 


A red eye and a red camellia. Korimako the bellbird likes the red flowers best.


 The red roof of Num-ti-jah Lodge at Bow Lake in Banff National Park, AB, Canada is a stark contrast to the rocky backdrop. Every time I look at this picture, I rue an opportunity lost. How much better would it be if I’d included all of the mountains behind. I might have to go back and try again.


A red stagecoach greets visitors to historic Hat Creek Ranch in BC, Canada. The driver is a kiwi from Christchurch.


The red, white and blue of the Stars and Stripes brightens a rainy Ketchikan, Alaska day.


A grumpy tui guards the last of the bottle brush flowers. Tui don’t share.


And finally, a red identification band on the first kokako chick to be banded at Manawahe. You can read all about the banding in my post here.


Thanks as always to the Lens Artists hosts who challenge us to explore and improve our photography every week, Patti, Amy, Tina and Ann-Christine.



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