Lens-Artists Challenge #79 – A window with a view.

Amy asks us to share ‘a window with a view.‘ this week. Her images are beautiful and inspirational but I have found it a challenge to come up with anything much.

Here are a few I took on holiday last year.

Looking through a window can give a different perspective to a pretty ordinary scene. This picture shows a line up of boats waiting to take tourists onto Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada


Windows also make effective frames.We got a final view of Vancouver under the Skytrain track as we headed east on the Rocky Mountaineer.


Best view in the house, dining with the Margerie Glacier in Alaska filling the window.


I decided a walk around the yard with the camera might offer some inspiration. I tried our house through a window in a tree.


Some challenges are tougher than others and I struggled with this one. I took plenty of photos out through windows but I didn’t like any of them. I’ll keep trying though. It’s the tough challenges that inspire us to keep striving for better results. Thank you Amy!






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