Lens Artists Challenge #78 – Special spot shots.

Ohiwa Harbour

It’s 2020 already and we have our first challenge of the new year thanks to Ann-Christine, shots of a special spot.

I am lucky enough to live in a special spot and there is only one other place that could possibly tempt me away. The far side of Ohiwa Harbour is about an hour and a half from home and we’ve enjoyed a few holidays there over the years. It’s completely different to the cool rain forest environment of home but no less beautiful. The tranquility never fails to capture me and even though it’s not far, as soon as I arrive, I’m on holiday.

A kingfisher welcomes us to his place.

The Man of the House takes the boat and we do a bit of fishing and exploring. We put the net out for flounder and I sit back in the boat with my rod in my hands and my hat over my eyes hoping the fish are far away. I really just want to sit and dream.

Nov Dec 2013 083
One of the small islands in the harbour

At low tide it’s a bird nerd’s paradise but where do they go when the tide’s in?

Feb Mar Apr 2012 063
The tide’s in and the birds are out.
Ohiwa holiday 012
2 happy girls skim boarding.

It’s a great place for kids to explore and play.

Ohiwa holiday 032
It can be a long walk with the kayaks.


Every sunset brings it’s own magic.

Little sand crabs sun bathe on the mud flats. 
The Ohope side of the harbour.

Ohope Beach, only 6 km from Whakatane on a long thin sandspit often wins the vote for New Zealand’s best beach. This year, despite the recent tragedy on Whakaari / White Island just a month ago, the beach is as busy as ever. Visitors come from all over the country (and the world), some every year to bask in our ideal climate. 11 km long from West End to the mouth of the Ohiwa Harbour and nestled inside the Bay of Plenty, Ohope Beach is a safe, sandy place to swim.

But my heart lies on the other side of the sandspit, in the harbour. It’s quieter than the beach and sheltered from the worst of the sea breeze. Stingrays abound and orca are often drawn in to feast on them, there are oysters and other shellfish within easy reach, the bush grows down to the water and godwits come all the way here from the Arctic Circle every year. What more could you wish for? 

Thanks yet again to the conveners of the Lens Artists Challenge for your inspiration and the hard work that comes with running the challenges. Happy new year to you all!



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