Lens-Artists Challenge #76 – On display

Amy at The World is a Book hosts this weeks Lens Artists challenge and asks us to share photographs in an ‘on display’ theme. Amy’s food related shop windows, Tina’s colourful markets and Patti’s mannequins show how you can tackle one theme in a variety of ways. I chose signs for my contribution, innovative and interesting ways to display information, like this sign on the window of a hardware store in Whistler, Canada. 


This bit of marketing adorned the balcony of a restaurant in Skagway, Alaska.


A very appropriate sign on a ladies room door at Hat Creek Ranch, BC, Canada.



The eyes say it all at a railway crossing, Skagway, Alaska.


A boat shed in Auke Bay, Juneau leaves no doubt where you’ve landed.


This window in the Mangaweka village in the central North island displays some old English words no longer used. 



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