Meet the Residents: Welcome Swallow, warou

A swallow family has decided our carport is a good half way house for their chicks. I don’t know where they nested but it wasn’t the car port. Now that the chicks are able to fly, they’ve staked a claim on an old sunhat where mum and dad still feed them every few minutes.

On the first day, there was one, seeming unconcerned by the humans who were in and out at intervals.


NZ Birds Online says,  ‘A self-introduced species from Australia, welcome swallows were rare vagrants before the late 1950s and increased greatly through the 1960s and 1970s particularly in the North Island.’


The chick broke into loud cheeps and frantic flutters whenever a parent came near.


Feeding was over in the blink of an eye. The adult swooped in, deposited it’s offering in the chicks mouth and was gone in a flash.


On the second day, there were two, doubling the number of visits and the noise. But aren’t they adorable.


You can find out more about the Welcome Swallow here.


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