Abstract – Lens-Artist’s Challenge #74

‘Abstract gives you a different view, where the entirety of the subject is obscured or unseen. Here, shape, form, and texture play a bigger part than idolizing over the full, documented item.’

Thanks to Patti for this doozey of a challenge, to go abstract. In trying to work out how to tackle it, I looked up what abstract photography is. I’ve included a number of quotes from an article by Craig Hull on expertphotography.com, The Complete Guide to Abstract Photography: 112 Tips.

I prefer realism to abstract art, I marvel at the skill of an artist who can reproduce what he sees and I try to do that with my photographs. But if you crop out the context, you can leave the viewer scratching their head over the results. Perhaps this is what abstract art is, a hint at the subject’s true identity.

‘Abstract photography is difficult to define. It is taking a subject and forcing the viewer to look at it in a different way. ‘

IMG_5858 (2)

‘It may even render the subject unreal, abnormal and not of this world. The subject could lose all literal meaning and be reduced to only shape, light, texture or color.’

IMG_9420 (2)
What looks like a higgledy piggledy sky scraper is really a high rise building reflected in it’s neighbour. I love what the ripples in the glass do to this reflection.

‘Photographed items could be objects we use in our daily life.’

IMG_4468 (2)
The Man of the House created a shower of fire as he cut parts off an old car. I was on watch, keeping an eye out for stray sparks.

‘You could even create something from scratch.  Photographing an item relying on your off-camera creativity.’

IMG_7134 (2)
A paving stone on a stairway depicting a local scene at Bow Lake in the Banff National Park, AB.Canada.

‘It all comes down to you, your view and what you find interesting or beautiful.’

A corrugated iron roof line with sunlight in the valleys and spider webs holding it all together.

‘More often than not, what you leave out of the image is just as important as what you put in.’

A tendril from my cucumber plant with nothing to hold on to twists and turns on itself.

‘It takes creative imagination and concept to be able to capture subjects in an abstract way. You are only limited by your vision and ideas.’

IMG_6074 (2)

What is it? I took this photo from a train of one of the towers of the Port Mann Bridge over the Fraser River east of Vancouver, Canada. Opened in 2012, the 10 lane cable bridge is held up by 2 of these towers and 288 cables.







  1. Love the abstract images you chose Wendy. Especially the sparks, now that is different! Just got home from volunteering at the Peoples Gallery which is situated in the Historic Village here in Tauranga. A fun few hours, and a few abstract paintings. Clever artists around the Bay.

    Liked by 1 person

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