Lens-Artists Challenge # 72 – Waiting

‘The waiting is the hardest part.’
from The Waiting by Tom Petty

Amy at The World is a Book challenges us to show waiting. It’s spring here in the southern hemisphere and it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for buds to break …


… and for the rain to stop.


I can hardly wait for the pears to be ready, but in truth it’s months away yet.


Traveling can be a master class in waiting. It can seem an eternity from booking that holiday to taking off. And then it’s all endless lines and patience. I’m from a small town and I’m not accustomed to lining up and waiting but I got good at it on a recent trip, especially at the US border. We waited for hours to board a cruise ship.


The line went on and on and on at customs.


And we waited for planes at Vancouver airport.


I can’t thank the conveners of the Lens Artists Challenge enough. Tina, Amy, Patti and Ann-Christine give us a forum for sharing our photographs and challenge us to try new things. It’s a lot of work, responding to all those posts so as Shakespeare said, ‘I can no other answer make but thanks and thanks and ever thanks …’ 



  1. Loved your images Wendy, and laughed at your travel trials. But most of all I’d like to thank you for the lovely mention. It makes my heart happy to hear your appreciation of our challenge and its effects.

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  2. Thank you for your beautiful words and the quote at the end of your post. I’m touched… We thank you for your support to LAPC and sharing your beautiful photos and stories.
    I, too, recall the long waiting to board on a cruise. 🙂

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  3. Air flight now is always an exercise is waiting. I try to do lots of walking before boarding as I’ll be sitting for any number of hours. I got Global Access last year and that alleviates much waiting for security and when returning from overseas. Well worth it and it includes TSA pre-check. I like your first shot especially. Waiting for seasons to change is something that always happens, isn’t it?


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  4. I can only echo what Tina and Amy have said above. I’m touched by your mention and delighted that the challenges are inspiring. I also totally agree with your thoughts on traveling. Patience indeed!

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  5. Thank you, dear Wendy for such positive and lovely thoughts of the challenges! It is you who join in that make us going! Love your take on this – waiting for spring is a big thing, I guess for all of us. With November here, it is a long way for us in Sweden. Seeing your photos of Spring arriving give us hope in the greyness and drizzle.

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  6. I am so pleased you are still blogging Wendy. I for one would miss reading your posts. So, keep sharing your lovely photographs and descriptive words when you have time. Love the poem which summed up what you were sharing. See you Saturday 🙂

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  7. Lovely interpretation Wendy.
    Oh I do remember my waiting for border control at various US airports. The thing is one waits much much longer in queue than on the counter (max. 10 minutes) :D.

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