Lens-Artists Challenge #69 – Seeing double.

Tina set our Seeing Double challenge this week where she asked us to photograph our subjects in twos. Here is my contribution.

Two heads are better than one. I couldn’t resist this pair of Canadian Mountie moose guards at a store entrance.


‘It takes two, baby.’ These wood ducks were obviously a couple, even at the end of summer.


Mirror image, reflections of me. I can’t help but marvel at the skill and artistry of the carvers who spend many, many hours creating totem poles that tell the stories of their past.

Detail of a totem pole, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Double, double, toil and trouble. Our two hens do most things together, including getting into mischief in the garden.


Yes! I’m talking about you, madam.


The two of us. I searched through my archives to find my favourite kereru photograph, these two fluffed up and snuggling up on a cold morning outside my office window.

Kereru, New Zealand wood pigeon.






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