Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #68 – Layers

“There are layers upon layers upon layers here.” Dan Kennedy

Sometimes you like a photograph and can’t really say why. Could it be the layers draw you in to explore the image’s depths even when you think you’ve seen it all? 

Amy set this weeks Lens-artists challenge of layers here. And a challenge it can be to put more into a picture than your immediate subject. Here are my offerings from our trip to Canada. I have to admit that Canada’s huge landscapes are made for layering. 20190909_075735

In this picture of Whistler’s down town before the crowds got out of bed, I focused on the flowers but wanted to show the deserted street as well.


At Lake Louise, the canoe operators are the foreground with canoeists behind on the lake in front of the Victoria Glacier.


Layers of lake, trees, house and mountains.


Emerald Lake canoeists with a stunning backdrop.


The layers of mountains recede into the distance.


Layers of garden and umbrellas at The Butchart Gardens in Victoria.


In Victoria, the Parliament building with it’s copper domes seem to be almost everywhere you look. Water taxis on the harbour in the foreground, the Steamship Terminal (I think) on the water front, Parliament building and city high rises behind. 


  1. What beautiful shots, Wendy. They are all great examples of layers/layering and showcase the beauty of that country. I love how you included the umbrellas in the foreground in your last shot. A great idea. We still haven’t gotten to Whistler yet or Lake Louise! We must go on our next visit.

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  2. What a beautiful layered series, Windy! These photos are magnificent and grand. The gritstone one is beautifully captured. The lakes and mountains are stunning. Love the garden. 💖 Thank you!

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