Lens-Artists Challenge #67 – Candid photos of people or animals.

Ann-Christine at Leya set a big challenge this week,  candid photos of people or animals. I don’t take a lot of candid photos of people, I feel like I’m trespassing on their privacy. My poor family don’t escape though but for some time now Our Darling Girl has objected to photos and I have an ever increasing number of shots of her back. Like this one of her and a friend on the see saw, trying to see who can bounce who the highest.


Often people other than the subject of a photo can provide candid shots with a little cropping as I have done here.


I wonder what this park ranger is thinking. I took this at Mount Robson in Canada during a marathon. Maybe he couldn’t wait for it to be over. He’d been standing there for quite some time. Or maybe secretly, he knew my camera was aimed his way


Was that a rabbit? Our poor old dog doesn’t have the energy to chase rabbits anymore and tends to turn a blind eye.

20190602_143705 (2)


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