Kokako Translocation – now we wait.

The translocation is over. Three pairs of kokako caught and moved in 4 days. It’s an amazing achievement, early starts, long days of physical work, long waits and late nights making harnesses and planning the next day. It all started about 2 years ago when the application for a translocation permit began. Seeing these birds disperse into our bush makes every minute of it worth while. We wait with expectation.

The following images were taken by Neil Robert Hutton. Neil has been a huge help with this project in his role as a Department of Conservation Community Ranger. His passion is photography and his pictures are inspiring. Check him out at: http://www.facebook.com/neilroberthuttonphotos

These photographs are for use by Manawahe Kokako Trust and Kaharoa Kokako Trust only.

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 2 MKT translocation

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 3 MKT translocation

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 5 MKT translocation

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 4 MKT translocation

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 13 MKT translocation©Neil Robert Hutton _ 14 MKT translocation

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 15 MKT translocation

©Neil Robert Hutton _ 17 MKT translocation©Neil Robert Hutton _ 18 MKT translocation©Neil Robert Hutton _ 23 MKT translocation

I took this photo of feathers left behind in the boxes. They have a distinct sweet musty smell.

See videos of the releases here and here



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