Kokako Translocation

Yesterday we attended a ceremony at Kaharoa Forest to meet the people who are gifting the Manawahe Kokako Trust 3 pairs of kokako to boost our birds’ chance of survival. Representatives of the local iwi and the Kaharoa Kokako trust warmly welcomed us and gave blessings for the translocation and the birds. We feel the weight of our responsibility to ensure we make it as easy as possible for these birds to successfully integrate into their new environment and gratitude for the gift of life from the Kaharoa Kokako Trust and the people of  Ngati Rangiwewehi and Tapuika.

Tapuika kaumatua perform a waiata for the guests.
Dave, one half of the bird catching team explains the process.
Murray from Manawahe Kokako Trust expresses our gratitude. If he looks a bit tired its because he’s spent the last 2 days in the bush helping to prepare catch sites.
A Tapuika kaumatua entertains the guests with a tune on the kōauau, Moari flute.

To prepare a catch site, volunteers from Manawahe Kokako Trust created a clearing 6m x 12m with a very tall tree at each end. Using a sling shot, Dave shot ropes over the trees to attach the nets to and then called in the birds. Dave and Amanda had spent days watching the birds before deciding where to put the nets, there is nothing at all random about the process. Once caught, the birds are quickly untangled and health checked before a harness carrying a transmitter is attached. They are put into purpose built boxes with a roost and lots of nutritious berries and leaves and transported as quickly as possible to their new home. And on the next two days, the whole process is repeated.



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