Lens-Artists Challenge #58 – Something old, something new, … borrowed & blue.


Something old – ancient Mount Ngauruhoe, something new – our electric car, something borrowed – fresh snow that will gone in a day or two and a blue, blue sky.



I bought this beautiful blue blouse in an op shop (thrift shop). It’s old – a pre loved blouse that the previous owner didn’t want any more, new – for me and borrowed – it will go back to the op shop when I’m done with it for someone else to wear.

An old blue boat living a new life in the garden.


This old hut served as our kitchen for over 10 years. It was borrowed from a friend who, after seeing how much trouble it was to get to our place, decided we didn’t need to return it.

Find out more about the Lens-Artist’s Challenge here or how to join here



  1. Wonderful, Wendy. I especially love the shot of your kitchen. I’m trying to imagine what it looks like inside! You must have had a wood stove, I bet. Kudos to you for coming up with multiple images that fit the criteria!

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