Counting Critters

It’s getting close to kokako breeding time again, they tend to start thinking about it in early September. Before breeding starts, we’ll fill the bait stations to get rid of the pests; rats, mice and possums. But before we put poison out, we count the pests. We count them again after the poison has been out for a few weeks. There is usually a substantial difference. It makes all the work feel worthwhile. IMG_5268

I have a tracking line of 10 tunnels. About 100 meters apart they climb a ridge, skim across the top and down the other side.


Inside each tunnel goes a tracking card.


The center of the card is inked. A lure is put in the middle, a critter smells the delectable lure, in this case peanut butter, runs across the ink to have something special for dinner and on the way out leaves little footprints on the card.


I left the cards out for 2 nights. I’ll let you know the results when I take them in.

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