Terracotta Warriors – Part 2

Sword blade with inlaid hilt.
Spring & Autumn period – 771 to 475 BCE
Iron, gold & turquoise


Gate ring holder (pushou) with a beast pattern.
Western Han Dynasty – 206 BCE to 220 CE
Jade (This was enormous, must have been a huge gate)


Ornamental Belt Buckle
Western Han Dynasty – 206 BCE to 9 CE
Gold inlaid with agate, hematite, turquoise & shell.
Made from a single sheet of gold and decorated with real and mythological creatures.


Bronze measure
Qin Dynasty – 221 – 206 BCE


Bronze Arrowheads
Qin Dynasty – 221 to 206 BCE
These arrowheads came from arrows shot using ‘nu’ or crossbows which the chinese invented before 450 BCE. It was during this time that the Chinese knew how to coat weapons with chromium, known today as chrome plating to keep blades hard, sharp and rust resistant, 2,000 years before it appeared in Western countries.


continued ……..



  1. Hi Wendy. Great exhibition isn’t it? I went there a couple of months back honestly expecting to be disappointed but thankfully far from it. Focussing on a small number of the statues up close gave you a much better appreciation than seeing the whole army I think. The detail and craftsmanship was amazing.

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    • It sure is Graham.I was like you, thought a dozen warriors were hardly worth seeing but the exhibition as a whole is a wonderful display of craftsmanship.


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