Meet the Residents: Water Spider

This native water spider, dolomedes aquaticus, sprinted across the surface of the stream and up The Man of House’s leg while he was working on the water wheel. Just as well he’s not squeamish about these things. He brought it up from the stream in a bucket to show me and safely returned it home after the photo shoot.



Andrew Crowe’s Life Size Guide to Insects and Other Land Invertebrates of New Zealand says the water spider “can walk on water, swim or dive, staying underwater for as long as half an hour. Hunts along edges of shingle river beds and lake shores – mostly at night. Rests front two legs on water surface, waiting for vibrations of struggling insects and even small fish. Does not build a nursery web.” They do however, like to live in our power house down at the stream.



    • Thanks Liz. I wouldn’t like to meet your spider. I took these photos with one eye on an escape route in case it decided to head in my direction. Spiders have their place, but not too close to me. Especially when they’re that big. 🙂

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