Hamilton Gardens 1

A visit to Hamilton gardens is always fun. This beautiful place is free to visit and well worth making the time for. Wikipedia says, ‘Hamilton Gardens is described in popular culture as a botanical garden but does not technically qualify as a botanical garden. Instead, the site features 21 gardens representing the art, beliefs, lifestyles and traditions of different civilisations or historical garden styles. These gardens are grouped into the Paradise, Productive, Fantasy, Cultivar and Landscape garden collections, and there is space for gardens which are still in development.’

Monarch butterfly in the Sustainable Backyard Garden


There is a very nice cafe at the gardens. These vultures (aka sparrows) were ready to swoop on my date and orange scone as soon as I looked away.



Whimsy in the Fantasy Collection


In the Japanese Garden of Contemplation
The Italian Renaissance Garden

And later at the lake this mallard duck showed his best colours.


See the gardens at https://hamiltongardens.co.nz/

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