Colour in the garden

A crack opened up in the winter cold, camellia flowers banished the dreary from the garden and the birds flew into courting and house building mode. Could it be the beginning of spring?


  1. You’ve got some beautiful camellias! We have some on this rental property but we’ve had so much rain that they’re not looking that great and spoiling very quickly. I’ve noticed the stirrings of spring. Lots of bulbs poking up through the soil all over the place in Gore. Birds making more noise and getting all territorial! The signs are good!

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    • Thank goodness too. Winter seems to have been long. I love camellias. They’re low maintenance and cheering when I’m over winter and are a bit of colour inside. The birds love them too. Rain has set in for the weekend here so the flowers will be well spoilt now.

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      • Just been away for the afternoon – went to a cafe on the south coast and then to the park at Invercargill. We were so lucky. It was cloudy and cold when we left Gore and on our way south the sun came out and we had a lovely walk on the beach in sunshine, lunch at the cafe, and then we had a walk in the wonderful gardens at Invercargill (where incidentally we saw some early camellia beauties!).

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