Following Kokako

Kokako follow days 15 & 16. Fine & Calm

I spent 2 days before Christmas out with Gaye, nest monitoring  project manager and champion nest finder. We weren’t able to pinpoint a nest site but perhaps we’ve narrowed it down to about a 50 square meter area. There are a lot of possible nest trees in that square but I’ll sit and watch when I get time between visitors and renovations over the Christmas break and hopefully see something happening. Given the time we’ve been searching, eggs should have hatched by now and chicks should be being fed. Parent birds should be easier to spot as they try to keep their offspring satisfied. But it also means that if the eggs are infertile, like last years were, the birds might be nesting all over again in a new spot.

The nest Gaye found west of us has failed, the birds have abandoned it for one reason or another; infertile eggs or predation or weather. On the upside though, there are juveniles of every other species everywhere around us; tui and korimako (bellbird), toutouwai (robin) and piwakawaka (fantail) all trying out their feathers and their voices and I think there is a young karearea (falcon) in the neighbourhood too. In the last couple of days we’ve heard a ruckus from mynahs and magpies which turns out to be them ganging up on a karearea and chasing it off the premises. If it was an adult bird, they would be risking their lives getting so close. There are numerous young blackbirds and sparrows too.

Nest I found under a ponga. A blackbird’s I think.

tting so close. There are numerous young blackbirds and sparrows too.



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