Following Kokako


Kokako follow days 12, 13 & 14. Fine & calm.

On day 13, I thought I’d found the nest, but couldn’t confirm it and still can’t so it probably isn’t the nest at all. Gaye has found the nest of a pair north west of ours and is searching for another about a kilometre north. So the pressure is on. At this rate any eggs will hatch and chicks fledge before I find our nest.

I’ve discovered that the male of our pair comes across the stream to my watching sites at about 7 o’clock so there’s not really any point in being there at 5 just to hear him singing on the other side. I get to sleep a little longer. Yay!


And if I remember to take the camera, I can practice my macro photography when nothing else is happening. Unfurling ferns were today’s subjects.








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