Meet the new? residents.


Kokako 2Another kokako nesting season is underway and a new pair has moved in. Maybe the lonely single who’s solitary song we have heard for years has found a mate. I hope so. The new pair seem to have taken up residence in this bird’s territory so the signs are good.

The signs are good for the future too. After years of decline, perhaps the numbers are on the way up again.


  1. Here’s hoping! I volunteer at Auckland Zoo and the keepers were telling me about the population counting of kokako in the Waitakere Ranges recently…apparently they play a recording of kokako song and any local birds come to investigate as they are very territorial…thus enabling a count. Interesting I thought. 🙂


    • It is interesting Graham but not an exact science. A good dose of luck helps. If you do the count a little late and birds are nesting it’s not so reliable and if birds are chilling out and not feeling territorial (which they do over winter) it’s not so reliable. We don’t use calls during nesting so a lot of time (hours in fact) is spent sitting, waiting and listening. Not such a bad job.

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      • There are worse things to do or places to be eh? Like Queen St in central Auckland, as an example. 🙂


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