Cyclists the new road hazard!

I almost collected a cyclist on my way home on Wednesday afternoon. Perhaps he didn’t know that McIvor Road is a public thoroughfare with an open road speed limit when he rode straight through a blind corner at speed and headed straight for me.

He is lucky it was me he almost ran into. I rarely drive over 40 kph on our narrow, winding, dirt road but not everyone who uses it is as cautious. It could have been any one of the cars, utes, stock trucks, tractors, motorbikes and even the occasional grader that use the road.

We survived two years of logging trucks unscathed, are used to having to avoid visitors who are afraid to keep left, hoons who like to test their manhood and just plain idiots who think they’re the only ones on the road and cyclists who think they’re indestructible are a relatively new hazard. I suspect he either belongs in the latter category or has a death wish. If that is the case, I would rather not be the one to help him on his way, thank you very much but if he insists on running into my car, his chances of survival will be much lower than mine even given the heart stopping fright he give me.




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