Snow, snow and more snow

IMG_3512When you live in the Bay of Plenty like I do, you get very excited when you get close to snow.
Delivering Our Darling Girl back to Wellington on the coldest weekend of the year was a bit of an adventure. We left home on Friday and with all the central roads closed, had to go via Taranaki. Now I have nothing against Taranaki; it’s one of my favourite places to visit but going that way  to Wellington meant a loooonnnggg time sitting in the car. We arrived in Wellington about lunch time Saturday and after a very short visit turned around and headed back. The Desert Road was still closed but National Park was open and we were treated to these stunning views. We started to get excited at Mangaweka when we came across patches of snow still piled on the side of the road. The further north we went the more snow there was, painting jaw droppingly beautiful landscapes until we left the mountains behind.

Picturesque Waiouru IMG_3516IMG_3528IMG_3538

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