Meet the residents, Cuddling Kereru


It can get pretty cold on the south side of Manawahe as these two seem to have noticed.



  1. Hi there. I love hearing Kereru crashing through the trees. They seem so clumsy in their huge size. I volunteer at Bird Rescue in Auckland and we get a fair few coming in from the Waitakere ranges, it is interesting as often they are not able to feed themselves as mixed veg in a bowl doesn’t look like food to them…and I must say that hand-feeding one of these huge birds is truly a satisfying experience…just one piece at a time. Just one bird at a time and hopefully one day their populations will flourish again one day.


    • That’s fantastic Graham, bird rescue is such a worthwhile cause, you deserve the warm fuzzies you get from hand feeding the birds. I love them too, even when they strip my kowhai trees. You just can’t be grumpy at them. When we first came to the farm, we would see flocks of a dozen kereru fly over but sadly there’s been nothing like that for years. I love how they quietly watch you from high in the canopy. It makes me wonder how many I walk past each day.

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      • I wonder if most people don’t notice things decline because they are always rushing around…those that do notice, like yourself, can appreciate these creatures for the joy they bring, and just maybe help them recover. The world would be a very drab place indeed without them eh?


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