Rain, rain, rain – tears.

The man of the house’s mother has come to stay, indefinitely. You see, her home, the place she raised four children in and nursed her husband in through his final years, the home she lived in for fifty seven years, bore the full force of the Rangitaiki River as it burst through the stop bank and drowned Edgecumbe.

At eighty five, she has lost everything, all the accumulated bits and pieces of a life well lived. She can’t grasp the enormity of it. The pictures that we see on television are shocking. It can’t possibly be true.

What comfort can we offer? She came to us with one small bag, a change of clothes, nothing else, not even a tooth brush. All we can do is hold her, show her what she still has; her family.

1491535959288 (2)
‘Sky View Photography NZ’ from http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/91333436/photos-edgecumbe-flood-as-seen-from-the-air


  1. Seems weird to “like” some things on social media sometimes. I saw the pictures on the news the other day with the river pouring into Edgecumbe, really quite shocking, I think I also saw someone jet boating around there and I was unsure how to feel about that. Anyway, it is interesting the point you make about the fact that at least she still has her family…all of us become so attached to things and places that at times we forget what is most important and I am pleased she is ok, but obviously wish for all those impacted that it had never occurred in the first place.

    They said it was a one in five hundred year event on the news…I thought to myself that with the climate changing they might need to reassess that.

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    • Thank you for your kind thoughts Graham. There are certainly a range of emotions and frustration and anger are becoming uppermost as people have no more knowledge of the state of their homes than on day one and are still not allowed in.
      I suspect all over the country, if not the world these ratings are being revisited. Edgecumbe’s situation has been impacted by the 1987 earthquake unfortunately dropping the town further below the river so perhaps the entire future of the town needs revisiting. Not a happy thought.


      • Wow. I didn’t know that about the lowering of the town…that is quite incredible really. Hope they are able to get back home and assess the damage soon.


  2. Thanks Irene. She is settled in a new home now but the experience has definitely taken a toll. It’s very stressful and I don’t know how people on their own have coped. Like you said, thank goodness for family.


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